Affordable Bankruptcy Options In Dallas

Affordable Bankruptcy Options In Dallas

Richard Weaver Law Firm’s number one source of new clients for the past 25 years has always been referrals. For this reason, at our firm, we feel very blessed and seek to continue that tradition of high client satisfaction, high level of generosity and caring for our clients and the goal of providing continual excellent legal representation in bankruptcy.

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Whatever it is that has you considering bankruptcy, we realize that you probably may not have a pile of cash lying around to help you pay for bankruptcy. Regardless of your current cash situation, we will work hard to help you receive financial protection. That means we offer payment plans, affordable bankruptcy attorney fees, and the ability to receive protection.

Dallas Bankruptcy Attorney Richard Weaver Offers Affordable Legal Fees

Because of the nature of bankruptcy legal services, we realize that it is important to be flexible and compassionate in how we work with our clients on payment. We don’t expect our clients to come into our office with a pile of case, or a cashier’s check for payment in full. We work very hard to keep our legal services pricing low so that no one is turned away because of the inability to pay. We want you to know that we will do everything in our power to make our services affordable for you.

Free Consultation, You Don’t Pay Until You Are Ready

Because of this, we invite you to speak with us over the phone or in our office in a free legal consultation. We offer the first visit, the second visit, heck, even additional visits free if you are doing your best to determine what your best legal option is. Our goal is not to quickly get as much money out of you as possible, but rather to help you be in the best possible financial situation following our work with you. That means that if you are faced with the choice of paying us as your attorney (assuming you hire us,) or paying your essential car payment or mortgage payment, we would recommend you make those other payments first. We don’t want our legal fees to be a hindrance to your better financial health.

Payment For Bankruptcy Attorney Fees and Court Filing Fee ON YOUR TERMS

Our attorney fees are extremely affordable to begin with. When compared to other attorneys, you will find that we are extremely reasonable, and we are proud of our services. You will quickly learn that we are patient to receive money for our services. When you are doing all that you can to keep things together in your family’s budget, the last thing we want is for our fees to be a source of financial pressure. We want to help you, not strong-arm you for money. Call us today for a free consultation regarding the benefits of bankruptcy!